Painter Lincoln Park, NJ

Karla Matos is a 29-year-old painter, born in Manhattan from Dominican parents who kept a very traditional home. She has three sisters who made her childhood very exciting and colorful. Coming from a big family, mostly all women who have overcome many obstacles, inspires her to persevere through tough times. Getting through tough times is something that reflects in her work since every stroke is unpredictable. Karla is constantly problem-solving as she paints. She attended Academy of Art University, took classes at Art Studio NYC where she learned a lot about finding her unique style. Karla now lives in Lincoln Park, NJ and loves it.

Karla's work can be very colorful and inspired by all types of abstract methods. She has been experimenting lately with Neo-Expressionism. Her art is always evolving; there is not much she thinks about during her painting sessions as she lets the paintbrush lead. Experimenting with color and brush strokes as she paints makes each painting distinctive, neither conventional nor easily describable. Concentrating more on the process, mixing different colors, techniques and focusing less on what the end product might be, makes it more enjoyable and frees her from the notion of having a perfect painting. For her, painting is a form of meditation. Also, it fills her with curious anticipation each time she begins a new painting, treating the canvas as a sketchbook gives her the feeling of being able to create anything her brush allows.

A quote that defines a lot of her pieces, "Life is a journey, not a destination." - Emerson



Solo, The Devil’s in The Details, Serendipity Labs Ridgewood - Ridgewood, NJ


Group, Greenpoint Gallery Annual Show, The Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn, NY